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Pod Security Policies view#

Feature availability note

The Pod Security Policies view is available only with clusters prior to Kubernetes 1.25. See the official Kubernetes release notes for details.

In the Pod Security Policies view, you can manage Kubernetes PodSecurityPolicies (PSPs), a critical resource for implementing security controls on your Kubernetes cluster. PSPs allow you to define and enforce security policies for pods, such as controlling which users and groups can create pods and what capabilities or volumes are allowed. See Kubernetes documentation: Pod Security Policies for details.

The Persistent Volume Claims table lists the cluster PVCs. You can click the list items and open the details panel with comprehensive information and various options. You can also search for a specific item using the Search Persistent Volume Claims input field.

You can resize and reorder the table columns. Drag the column border in the table header to change the width. To change the column position, drag its header left or right. Also, you can sort objects in ascending or descending order by clicking the header of a column and configure the column visibility. By default, the table consists of the following columns:


The table content can be exported in the CSV file format.

Column Description
Name The name of the PodSecurityPolicy.
Privileged Indicates if the policy allows privileged containers with extended permissions.
Volume Specifies the constraints on the use of volumes and their access modes.
Age The duration since the Pod Security Policy was created.
More Actions Clicking on the button opens a drop-down list with the following actions:
  • Edit

    Changes the configuration of the PodSecurityPolicy.

  • Delete

    Removes the PodSecurityPolicy.