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What is Lens ID?#

Lens ID is a unique identity within Lens that is used to register products such as Lens Desktop and access various cloud services. With your Lens ID, you can sign in to all Lens services.

To create a Lens ID you need to:


You can log in the Lens ID on several devices simultaneously.

How does Lens ID work with Lens Desktop?#

Lens ID is used to register your Lens Desktop application. Lens Desktop periodically checks whether your Lens ID is active and updates your basic profile information displayed in the Lens Desktop application.

Users who want to take advantage of Lens cloud services can use the same Lens ID to access the services.

What technology is used for Lens ID?#

Lens ID is based on OpenID Connect which is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It stores a JSON Web Token in Lens Desktop and is used to verify the identity of the user based on the authentication performed by our authorization servers.

What information is being communicated to the cloud?#

The Lens ID is only meant to provide an identity with basic profile information to Lens Desktop. No sensitive data such as kubeconfigs, local profiles, secrets, config maps, etc… is uploaded or synced from Lens Desktop to our cloud services.

What about privacy?#

Lens handles information provided by Lens users and data created within their Lens ID accounts in accordance with Lens Cloud Services Data Processing Agreement and Lens Terms of Service Agreement . Lens operates as part of Mirantis. For more information about how Mirantis handles and processes personal information, please see our Privacy Policy .

Does Lens Desktop work in an air-gapped environment?#

Lens Desktop is able to work in air-gapped environments.