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In Billing Details, you can update the payment method, manage subscriptions, review the billing history, and manage invoices.

Payment Method#

To update the payment method

  1. Navigate to Billing Details on the left hand side menu.
  2. Click Update Payment Method.
  3. From the payment provider page, select the Payment Method:
    • Credit Card
    • Bank Account
  4. Fill all the required information to the corresponding fields and click Update Billing Information.


The Subscriptions section contains the list of subscriptions. You can find the following information about the subscriptions:

Parameter Description
Subscription ID The identifier of the subscription
Plan The subscription plan
Next Renewal Date The date of the next subscription activation
Quantity The number of seats in the subscriptions
Status The current status of the subscription

Billing History#

The Billing History, section contains the list of invoices with the following information:

Parameter Description
Date The date of the invoice
Invoice number The reference number of the invoice
Plan The subscription plan being paid under the invoice
Amount The sum of money (US Dollars) to pay under the invoice
Status The current status of the invoice
From Child Business For Lens Business ID only. Shows whether the invoice is related to the associated Lens Business ID account