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Overview of Lens Security Center#

Lens Pro subscription feature

Lens Security Center or Security Center is an essential part of the Lens Security feature that allows users to scan their clusters for vulnerabilities. You can access the Security Center from your cluster view. It contains the following tabs:


Scan container images of your cluster for vulnerabilities. Enable the Trivy operator for the image automatic scanning.


Inspect cluster resources for compliance with common security configuration standards.


Monitor safety compliance of access permissions to essential objects both within namespaces and across the entire cluster.

Enabling the Trivy Operator#

Lens Desktop requires enabling the Trivy Operator for automatic scanning. You can enable the operator in the cluster settings menu.


For details, see the Trivy Operator documentation site.

To enable the Trivy Operator:

  1. From a Security Center tab, click Security Settings in the upper right of the tab.
  2. In the following menu, toggle Enable Trivy Operator.

For team space clusters, only team space users with the Admin or Owner roles can enable the Trivy Operator for all team space users. As a team space Admin or Owner, you can enable the Trivy Operator for the whole team. To do so, follow the instruction above.