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Lens Desktop Kube#

Lens Pro subscription feature

Lens Desktop Kube allows you to create a local Kubernetes cluster.


Before running Lens Desktop Kube, to avoid a port conflict, stop all local clusters such as Minikube, Docker Desktop, Rancher Desktop, and so on.

Prerequisites for Windows#

To run Lens Desktop Kube in Lens Desktop for Windows, make sure that:


Lens Desktop Kube is not available for virtual machines deployed through the Parallels software.

Further reading#

The following documentation might help you to understand the concepts of WSL2 and Hyper-v:

Launch Lens Desktop Kube#

To start your local Kubernetes cluster:


On initial launch, Lens Desktop downloads the cluster image. This process can take several minutes.

  1. Click Lens Desktop Kube in the lower-right corner.
  2. Optional. In the following menu, choose the Kubernetes version in the drop-down list.
  3. Optional. Choose the Kubernetes version in the drop-down list.

If the Lens Desktop Kube cluster fails to start, click Reset. Once the cluster is running, you can open the cluster view in Catalog.