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Lens Pro subscription feature

Security Center supports vulnerability scanning of cluster resources.

The Resources tab contains charts that show a summary of vulnerabilities and the scanning status of cluster resources running in the cluster. You can also find the list of cluster resources that currently run in a cluster. The table with resources displays the following essentials:

  • Resource type
  • Namespace
  • Number of vulnerabilities by severity level
  • Current scanning status

Click a resource in the table to open the Details panel where you can find more information about the cluster resource.


You can also open the resource Details panel by clicking Options > Show Details to the right from the Status column.

Resource Details panel#

The Resource Details panel contains information about the resource and vulnerabilities. It consists of the following parts:

General information

Resource name, identifier (resource digest), scanning status, and other parameters.


A summary and a table of detected resource vulnerabilities. The table contains the vulnerability ID, severity level, and brief information about the vulnerability.