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Create Lens Business ID#

Lens Business ID is an identity for organizations. You can either activate it from the email invitation or create a Lens Business ID manually.

Activate Lens Business ID from email#

The common way of obtaining a Lens Business ID is by receiving an email invitation. The email invitation contains simple steps that describe the activation process. After completing these steps, the Lens Business ID Home page opens, and you can start managing subscriptions for your organization.

Create Lens Business ID manually#

Complete the following steps to create a Lens Business ID manually:

  1. Log in to the Lens ID portal.
  2. From the top-left drop-down menu, select Create Lens Business ID.
  3. Fill in the organization details.
  4. Click Create Lens Business ID.

From the Home page of your Lens Business ID, you can start purchasing subscriptions for your organization.

Lens Business ID creation procedure Click Create Lens Business ID and fill in the organization details