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On the Roles tab, you can observe the results of vulnerability scanning of such Kubernetes objects as Roles and ClusterRoles. The tab contains charts that summarize information about status and results of scanning, and number of vulnerabilities by their severity levels.

You can find the list of Roles and ClusterRoles of your cluster in the table below the charts. Each line of the table contains an assessment with detailed information about a corresponding Kubernetes object. There are two types of assessments: RbacAssessment and ClusterRbacAssessment. A RbacAssessment contains vulnerability details for a corresponding Role, and a ClusterRbacAssessment contains vulnerability details for a corresponding ClusterRole.

Role Details panel#

Click the table line to open the assessment details.


You can also open the Role Details panel by clicking the Options button to the right from the Status column.

The Role Details panel contains information about a Role or a ClusterRoles, and detected vulnerabilities. It consists of the following parts:

General information
Assessment name, namespace (for Role assessments only), corresponding Role, or ClusterRole, scanning status.
A visual summary and a table of detected vulnerabilities. The table contains the vulnerability ID, severity level, and brief information about the vulnerability.