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Welcome to Lens#

Lens is a Kubernetes platform that contains the following features:

The Lens platform functionality is mainly implemented through the Lens Desktop application.

Lens Desktop#

Lens Desktop is a standalone application available on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Here are a few advantages of using Lens Desktop:

  • Confidence that your clusters are properly set up and configured.
  • Increased visibility, real-time statistics, log streams, and hands-on troubleshooting capabilities.
  • The ability to work with your clusters quickly and easily, radically improving productivity and the speed of business.

Watch the Feature Overview video to see Lens Desktop in action:

Lens Teamwork#

Lens Teamwork is a feature that provides tools for collaboration with other users and optimization of cloud native development through the Team Space mechanism.

A team space or space is a group of clusters and users called team space members. Team space members can access team space clusters through the Internet without setting up VPN systems.

Lens Security#

Lens Security is a feature that monitors clusters, cluster objects, and images for vulnerabilities. With Security Center, you can scan and get details about vulnerabilities of the cluster:

  • Images
  • Resources
  • Roles
  • ClusterRoles

Lens Kubernetes#

Lens Desktop Kube is a built-in Kubernetes distribution that enables creating local clusters. You can create several local clusters using the profiles mechanism.

Lens Support#

Lens users can find the following ways of support:

  • Lens Forums

    The discussion platform where Lens users can share their experience and find answers for various questions.

  • Lens Commercial support

    Support system for Lens Pro users that includes in-app support and direct communication with the support team.

Download Lens Desktop#

Download Lens Desktop for macOS, Windows, or Linux.

For details about installation and updates see Install Lens Desktop.