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Manage Helm charts#

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that simplifies the deployment and management of applications. Helm charts are pre-packaged applications or services in Kubernetes. These charts define, install, and upgrade various Kubernetes applications.

You can also add Helm repositories to Lens Desktop and configure the backend, see Preferences: Configure Helm for details.

Install a Helm chart#

To install a helm chart:

  1. From your cluster, navigate to Helm > Charts.
  2. Find and select the necessary chart in the Charts table.


    You can also type the chart name or a keyword in the Search Helm Charts input field.

  3. Optional. In the details panel, choose the chart version in the Version drop-down list.

  4. Click Install.
  5. On the Helm Install tab, check the parameters such as version and namespace. If necessary, specify other parameters in the template and click Install.

    Installing the Faktory chart

Upgrade and remove a Helm chart#

To upgrade a helm chart:

  1. From your cluster, navigate to Helm > Releases.
  2. Select the chart.
  3. In the details panel, click Upgrade.
  4. On the Helm Upgrade tab, click Upgrade & Close.

To remove a helm chart:

  1. In the Releases table, click More Actions > Delete.
  2. In the following dialog, click Remove.

    Removing a Hlem chart


    You need to remove the PersistentVolumes manually if the chart release contains them.