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Activate Lens Desktop#

Activate Lens Desktop on initial launch of the application. Choose one of the following options:

  • Lens ID
    Login or sign up for a new Lens ID to activate Lens Desktop. This option requires an internet connection.
  • Activation Code
    Activate Lens Desktop with an existing code. This option is available for existing Lens ID accounts and may be used to activate Lens Desktop in isolated (air-gapped) environments. You can download your activation code from the Lens ID Portal.

Get your Lens ID#

Lens ID is a unique identity within Lens. It is used to register our products such as Lens Desktop and access our cloud services.

On initial launch of Lens Desktop, choose Lens ID in the Activate Lens Desktop dialog window and click Activate. On Lens ID Portal, you can sign up for Lens ID through the following options:

  • Create your Lens ID
    Sign up for Lens ID by creating an account with your email.
  • Sign Up with GitHub
    Sign up for Lens ID using your GitHub account
  • Sign Up with Google
    Sign up for Lens ID using your Google account

Offline activation#

Lens Desktop is able to run in air-gapped environments. To activate Lens Desktop on a machine that does not have internet access:

  1. Sign up or login to your Lens ID from another device.
  2. On the account web-page, click Download activation code.
  3. Transfer the activation-code.txt file to the air-gapped machine.
  4. Launch Lens Desktop and paste the file content into the Activation Code input field.


If your air-gapped machine has been registered before, you need to unregister your application.

Unregister the Lens ID#

To log out from a Lens ID in your Lens Desktop:

  1. Click the User Menu button in the lower-left corner.
  2. Click Unregister and in the following dialog click OK.

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