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Activate Lens Desktop#

To start using Lens Desktop, you need to activate it with an existing Lens ID or sign up for the Lens ID.


Lens ID is a unique identity within Lens. It is used to register our products such as Lens Desktop and access our cloud services. You can log in the Lens ID on several devices simultaneously.

Online activation is the default option for Lens Desktop. To activate Lens Desktop online, select Lens ID at the initial launch of the application and click Activate. The Lens ID Portal web-page opens where you can sign up for Lens ID through one of the following options:

  • Create your Lens ID

    Sign up for Lens ID by creating an account with your email.

  • Sign Up with GitHub

    Sign up for Lens ID using your GitHub account

  • Sign Up with Google

    Sign up for Lens ID using your Google account


Lens Pro subscription feature

Offline activation enables Lens Pro subscription users to activate Lens Desktop in isolated (air-gapped) environments. Lens Business ID users need to contact their administrators to check the feature availability.

To activate Lens Desktop offline:

  1. Sign up or login to your Lens ID from another device.
  2. On the Home page, click Download activation code.
  3. Transfer the activation-code.txt file to the air-gapped machine.
  4. Optional. Unregister the previous Lens ID if the application is activated with another Lens ID.
  5. In the activation menu, select Activation Code, paste the content of the activation-code.txt file into the input field, and click Activate.


For Lens Business ID users only

Once you download an activation code, the associated Lens Subscription becomes tied to the user account and no modifications can be made until the subscription term ends. Lens Business ID administrators cannot reassign the seats activated offline to other users.

Unregister the Lens ID#

To log out from a Lens ID in your Lens Desktop:

  1. Click the User Menu button in the lower-left corner.
  2. Click Unregister and in the following dialog click OK.

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