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Lens Business ID overview#

Lens Business ID allows your organization to purchase and manage multiple Lens subscriptions for your teams. It does not require Lens Desktop installation and users can access their Lens Business ID account through a web browser. A Lens Business ID administrator does not require any knowledge of Kubernetes-related technologies or Lens Desktop.

If you are a reseller, please our reseller guides.

You can activate Lens Business ID from the email invitation, or create it manually through the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the Lens ID Portal. See Obtain Lens Business ID for details.


It is not possible to combine individual and Lens Business ID subscriptions.

As a Lens Business ID administrator, you can easily manage the following entities:


  • View your Lens Subscriptions with details of the plan type, number of seats, status, and renewal dates
  • Add new Lens subscriptions


  • Assign seats to a subscription with a list of user email addresses
  • View the number of assigned seats and user status (active, pending, or cancelled)


  • Access billing and invoicing history
  • Edit billing information and payment details

See an example of the Lens Business ID Home page in the figure below.