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Here you will find different ways of getting support for Lens.

Lens Commercial support#

Lens paid subscription feature

Lens Commercial support maximizes the value of Lens for your cloud native development.

  • Monday through Friday access to support and development engineers for Lens.


    Starting and finishing hours are in UTC timezone.

  • In-app support chat for on-demand conversational live support. To access click Support in the lower-right corner of the Lens Desktop.

  • Email support at
  • Lens Support Portal provides access to manage your tickets.


For correct functioning of the in-app support chat, make sure that the following endpoints are not blocked by a firewall or a corporate proxy:

  • https://*

Lens Community support#

Use Lens Community forums and GitHub issues to get help from active users of Lens.

  • Lens Forums for support and help from the Lens community via forums.
  • GitHub Issues to submit your issues and feature requests to Lens via GitHub.