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Start Lens Desktop Kube#

Lens Pro subscription feature

Lens Desktop Kube is enabled by default. To start your local Kubernetes cluster click LDK > Start in the lower-right corner. On initial launch, Lens Desktop downloads the cluster image. This process can take several minutes.


If you are a Windows user and your newly created Lens Desktop Kube cluster does not have available nodes, try creating a new profile.

Reset Lens Desktop Kube#

To reset the local cluster:

  1. Click LDK > Settings
  2. In Lens Desktop Kubernetes Profiles, select the active profile and click the Options button to the right from the Status column.
  3. Click Reset and confirm the reset in the following dialog menu.

Disable Lens Desktop Kube#

You can remove Lens Desktop Kube from the Lens Desktop interface. However, this action does not remove the cluster-related data.

To disable Lens Desktop Kube:

  1. Click LDK > Settings
  2. Toggle Enable Lens Desktop Kubernetes on this machine.