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Manage subscription seats#

Lens Business ID administrators manage seats of subscriptions of the organization. They can do the following:

  • Assign and unassign a subscription seat to a user
  • Revoke pending assignments

Assign a subscription seat#

To assign a subscription seat:

  1. As the Lens Business ID administrator, navigate to Manage Seats and click Assign Seats.
  2. In the following pop-up menu, select the Lens subscription from the top drop-down list.
  3. Enter emails of the users. Separate email addresses with commas and click Assign.

An assignee receives an invitation email, creates or logs in to their Lens ID, and accepts their subscription seat invitation. They must then activate Lens Desktop. There are two ways for users to activate Lens Desktop:

  • Online
    Standard activation. Seats may be reassigned to other users at any time
  • Offline
    Activation for air-gapped environments. Seats are fixed to the user and no changes will be possible until the end of the subscription term

Users that have done Offline activation will have a check mark in the Offline column:

the Offline column in Manage Seats


Unassigning an Offline activated subscription seat by the Lens Business ID administrator, switches it to the cancelled state, so no other user can be assigned to the seat until the end of the subscription term.

Unassign and reassign a subscription#

You can unassign users from subscription seats. It is possible to reassign subscription seats of users that have done Online activation.

To unassign a subscription seat:

  1. As the Lens Business ID administrator, navigate to Manage Seats.
  2. Select a subscription seat to unassign and click the Options button on the right.
  3. Click Unassign.
Unassgning a user from a subscription

You can transfer an unassigned subscription seat to another user as described in Assign a subscription seat.