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Cluster settings#

The Cluster settings menu contains several sub-menus that allow you to configure your cluster. You can adjust different aspects such as name of the cluster, proxy, metrics, and others.

Lens Spaces#

Lens Spaces is a tool for collaboration with other users through sharing clusters.

Add your cluster to a team space through Cluster Connect. Click LENS TEAM SPACE and select one of your team spaces. Click REGION and select one of the following options:

  • Europe
  • United States


Select the region which is closer to your cluster geographically.


Change configurations related to your cluster and its functioning.


Set the cluster name and icon. Also, you can open the kubeconfig file directory by clicking the link in the KUBECONFIG field.


Specify the proxy server address in the HTTP PROXY input field. The server specified in this field, is used for communication with Kubernetes API.


Set the starting directory for the Terminal in the WORKING DIRECTORY input field. You can type the path or pick the directory after clicking the Pick from filesystem icon.

Type the default namespace for kubectl in the DEFAULT NAMESPACE input field.


Specify namespaces to which you have access in the ACCESSIBLE NAMESPACES field. This option useful in case if you do not have a permission to list cluster namespaces.


Select the query format in the PROMETHEUS drop-down list.

Specify types of metrics that need to be hidden by selecting them in the HIDE METRICS FROM THE UI drop-down list. You can opt to hide all metrics by clicking the Hide all metrics button, and you can reset metrics availability by clicking Reset.

Node Shell#

Specify the node shell image in the same-named input field.

Specify a pre-existing secret in the kube-system namespace in the IMAGE PULL SECRET. This setting is optional and used for pulling an image from a private registry.


Configure Lens extensions that work with your cluster. These settings depend on the extensions that you have installed to Lens Desktop.

Lens Metrics#

Settings of this menu require established connection to the cluster.