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Add a cluster#

To get you started Lens auto-detects your clusters in your kubeconfig file and adds them to the catalog. If you want to add additional Clusters manually you can do this by navigating to the Catalog Category "Clusters" and clicking the Add Cluster button in the right-bottom corner.

  1. Click the Add Cluster button (indicated with a '+' icon). Or click here.
  2. You can enter your kubeconfig file directly to the displayed input field.


Any cluster that you added manually will not be merged into your kubeconfig file.

Add Cluster

For more information on kubeconfig see Kubernetes docs.

To see your currently-enabled config with kubectl, enter kubectl config view --minify --raw in your terminal.

When connecting to a cluster, make sure you have a valid and working kubeconfig for the cluster. Following lists known "gotchas" in some authentication types used in kubeconfig with Lens app.

Exec auth plugins#

When using exec auth plugins make sure the paths that are used to call any binaries are full paths as Lens app might not be able to call binaries with relative paths. Make also sure that you pass all needed information either as arguments or env variables in the config, Lens app might not have all login shell env variables set automatically.