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Reseller’s guide to purchasing via invoice#

If you are a reseller, and you need to purchase subscriptions through an invoicing process for your customer, complete the following steps:

  1. Contact sales to book an order.
  2. Once an order has been placed (PO received and approved by Mirantis):
    • The distribution partner will receive an invoice from Mirantis.
    • Once the distribution partner has received their invoice, they will then provide you (Reseller) with an invoice.
  3. Once Mirantis books the order, the Customer will receive an email invitation from at the email address provided for the Primary Customer Contact (i.e. the Support Admin) to manage their Lens Business ID with instructions on how to accept the invitation. If the Customer does not receive an email please make sure to ask them to look in their spam folder.


  4. If your Customer needs additional assistance with setting up their subscription, please direct your Customer to follow this step-by-step guide on how to activate their Lens Business ID and subscription.

For additional details about managing a Lens Business ID see Lens Business ID Overview.