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Log in to Lens ID with Okta#

Lens Pro subscription feature


Apart from Lens Desktop Pro, this feature requires a Lens Control Center subscription. Visit Lens Store or contact the sales team to get full access to the features.

Lens ID supports integration with the Okta identity and access management services. For details about the Okta products, see the Okta official website.

Integrate Lens ID and Okta#


The following instruction describes the configuration process of single sign-on through the Okta services. Your organization is required to have an active Okta subscription.

As an Okta administrator of your organization:

  1. Open Applications and click Create New App.
  2. In the following dialog menu, select SAML 2.0 and click Next.
  3. Type Lens ID in the App name input field.
  4. Optional. Upload the logo in the App logo field and click Next.
  5. In SAML Settings, specify the following parameters:

    Option Recommended value Comment
    Single sign-on URL Assertion Consumer Service URL You can find the URL in Lens Business ID Account > Single Sign-On
    Audience URI (SP Entity ID) Service provider Entity ID Find the URI in Lens Business ID Account > Single Sign-On
    Name ID format EmailAddress
    Application username Email
  6. Specify Attribute Statements as follows:

    Name Name format Value
    First name Unspecified user.firstName
    Last name Unspecified user.lastName

    Click Next.

  7. In the following menu, select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app and click Finish.

  8. On the Sign On tab, click View SAML setup instructions.
  9. Copy the content of the following fields to the corresponding fields in the Account menu of Lens Business ID of your company:

    Field name in the Okta dialog Corresponding field name in Lens Business ID
    Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL SINGLE SIGN-ON SERVICE URL
    Identity Provider Issuer IDENTITY PROVIDER ENTITY ID
    X.509 Certificate SSO CERTIFICATE
  10. In the Lens Business ID, navigate to Profile and note BUSINESS HANDLE. This is the unique identifier that represents your Lens Business ID applications such as Lens Desktop and other services.

Log in with the Okta credentials#

  1. On the Lens ID login page, select Login with SSO.
  2. Type the Business Handle of your company in the COMPANY HANDLE input field.