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Integrate Lens ID with Azure Active Directory#

Lens Pro subscription feature


Apart from Lens Desktop Pro, this feature requires a Lens Control Center subscription. Visit Lens Store or contact the sales team to get full access to the features.

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) specification is designed to make managing user identities in cloud-based applications and services easier. Lens ID supports the SCIM integration with the Azure Active Directory platform. For details about the Microsoft Azure products, see the [Azure documentation]Azure documentation.

Create an enterprise application#

  1. Log in to the Azure portal and navigate to Microsoft Entra ID (former Active Directory).
  2. In the left panel, select Enterprise applications.
  3. Click New application in the top bar.
  4. Click Create your own application in the top bar.
  5. In the following dialog menu, specify the name of the application


    For clarity purposes, we recommend using the value of the Business ID field in the Profile section of your Lens Business ID.

  6. In the mentioned above menu, select Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery) and click Create.

Set up an enterprise application#

  1. From the application profile, select Provisioning.
  2. Click Get Started in the main area, or select Provisioning in the left panel.
  3. In the Provisioning menu, set the Provisioning Mode to automatic.
  4. In the Admin Credentials drop-down list, specify the following parameters:

    Option Recommended value Comment
    Tenant URL Base URL Find this value in Lens Business ID > Authentication > Base URL
    Secret Token API Token Find this value in Lens Business ID > Authentication > API Token
  5. Click Test Connection and then click Save at the top bar.

Add a new group#

Create a group of users to be synchronized with your Lens Business ID:

  1. From the Microsoft Entra ID profile, select Groups in the left panel.
  2. Click New group in the top bar.
  3. Configure the following parameters:
    • In Group type, select Security.
    • In Group name, specify the name of the group.
    • Specify owners of the group and the group members in the same-named dialog menus.
  4. Click Create.

Add users to the application#

  1. From the Microsoft Entra ID profile, navigate to Enterprise applications > Application Name > Users and groups.
  2. Click Add user group in the top bar.
  3. In the following menu, configure the following:
    • Specify users and user groups
    • Select a role
  4. Click Assign.

Adding user accounts to the application synchronizes them with the Lens Business ID. If there is an available subscription seat, a user gets automatically assigned to it. You can remove the user from the Lens Business ID and unassign the subscription seat through Microsoft Entra ID. To do so, suspend the user account from the corresponding application.