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Lens Control Center#

Lens paid subscription feature

Lens Control Center enables large enterprises to seamlessly roll out Lens across multiple teams and organizations in a secure and centrally-controlled way.

Lens Control Center key features include integration with enterprise SSO, centralized feature management, blocking the outbound internet connections for Lens Desktop (the air-gapped mode), and hierarchical accounts for consolidated billing.

Single Sign-On
Configure single sign-on (SSO) to the Lens platform through your identity provider (IDP) such as Okta, Azure, or Active Directory. Lens supports SAML and OIDC authentication standards.
Account Hierarchy
Associate several Lens Business IDs with a parent Lens Business ID to centralize the management and procurement of Lens Pro across multiple internal teams or business units within the organization.
Feature Management
Enable or disable Lens Pro features across all users within their Lens Business ID.