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Thank you for taking the time to make a contribution to Lens. The following document is a set of guidelines and instructions for contributing to Lens.

When contributing to this repository, please consider first discussing the change you wish to make by opening an issue.

Local Development Environment#

Prerequisites: Nodejs v16, make, yarn

  • make dev - builds and starts the app
  • make clean - cleanup local environment build artifacts

Developing on Windows#

On Windows we only support Git Bash (or similar shell) for running commands.

Github Workflow#

We Use Github Flow, so all code changes are tracked via Pull Requests. A detailed guide on the recommended workflow can be found below:

Code Testing#

All submitted PRs go through a set of tests and reviews. You can run most of these tests before a PR is submitted. In fact, we recommend it, because it will save on many possible review iterations and automated tests. The testing guidelines can be found here:


By contributing, you agree that your contributions will be licensed as described in LICENSE.